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Your Name (Kimi no na wa) – Movie Review


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Angel’s Egg (Tenshi no tamago) – Movie Review


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Falling in Love with Anime… Again – Otakon 2015 – by Sam Liz


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The Wicker Man – Hilariocity Review

Sometimes a movie hits the rarest of heights, in fact, some may refer to it as a low. A film that’s so utterly bad it’s actually good. That movie you watch at parties to get everyone laughing and having a good time. That movie that’s such an atrocity, it’s hilarious. These movies are Hilariocities, and the 2006 remake, The Wicker Man, starring Nicolas Cage, certainly qualifies. Hit the jump to check out my breakdown of one of the best worst movies ever made…

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The Room – Hilariocity Review


Ah The Room. Never has a film this bad received this much attention. There’s a theater near me in Cleveland that shows this absurd gem the first Saturday of every month. Trust me, you’ve gotta check this thing out at least once, especially if you like football. Hit the jump to check out my full review…

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The Worst Movies of 2013

Making a list of the worst films of any year can be a painful yet dastardly fun experience. It involves recalling the most tortuous experiences you had at the cinema all year. 2013, was in no way short of them. Check out my list of the absolute worst this year had to offer. (Hit the jump to see the video).

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The Best Movies of 2013

2013 has been an interesting year for film. With a rocky start, a sporadically entertaining middle, and a fantastic finish, 2013 has diversified itself with many unique pleasures for film lovers. These are the very best the year had to offer. (Hit the jump to see the video).

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Stuckmann’s Scary Movie Special


My fiancé and I decided it would be fun to discuss some of our favorite scary movies. In this two part special, we filmed a large amount of short skits to go along with our thoughts on the films. I’ve honestly never worked harder on a video. Hit the jump to watch both parts…

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Blockbuster Memories & Nostalgia


I have countless fond memories of the late video chain known as Blockbuster. Discovering random movies and games, wasting time with friends, and even hanging out. In this video, I visit a former Blockbuster location, and show you things I still have from the store. Hit the jump to watch the video…

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Top 5 Worst Horror Remakes & Sequels


Horror remakes and sequels are rarely a pleasant experience. This list counts down the worst of both! Hit the jump to watch the full video…

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