Friends of the Site

Below you will find links to some other innovative movie reviewers. These guys have all inspired me in one way or the other, and all are working in unison to continue the revolution that film criticism is undergoing. Click the pictures to check out their respective pages.

John Flickinger aka The Flick Pick: John is simply one of the funniest movie nerds out there. One of his favorite movies is Point Break for goodness sake. Check him out! john

Craig Kandiko aka Fat Movie Guy: Craig writes entertaining reviews from the perspective of a family man and all around dude. Check him out if you’re looking for a reviewer with a well-rounded view on film. fatmovieguy

Schmoes Know: Movie reviews from regular guys. If you can’t stand pretentious film snobs, then these are the guys for you. But they don’t just cover the big blockbusters, they’re sure to see the indies also. Check them out!


Jeremy Jahns: He covers everything entertainment, from movies to video games. Each video offers an entertaining spin on things! Check him out!


Pretty Much It: A collaboration channel featuring entertaining thoughts on movies, games, music and everything in the entertainment industry! Check them out!




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